Organized Play!

With the release of D&D Next around the corner, the Gamers’ Syndicate is ready to start organizing games again. As always, we’re dedicated to organizing whatever game systems and editions that interest our community. However, to start, we’ve reserved tables at the Game Parlor in Chantilly, Virginia for a day of D&D Next using the D&D Starter Set, which will be released this week at select stores.

The date for this event is Saturday, July 26.

As always, we don’t charge for this event, but the Game Parlor does have a $2 charge to play at the store. This covers┬áthe entire day.

Our first step is to recruit DMs, so if you’re interested, please send an email to Vic Morales and Rob Bodine as soon as possible. Let us know whether you’re interested in running one or two sessions. We have a total of six sessions, three in the morning slot and three in the afternoon slot, which are connected (i.e., the afternoon session picks up where the morning session leaves off). Once we have an August date, we’ll be recruiting DMs for the remaining two session as well, but for now, we’re just looking for July 26.

Once certificates of play (“certs”) are available sometime in August, you’ll receive certs for your play, which will carry over to the upcoming D&D Adventure League play. For more information on the program, click here. You can find a D&D Adventure League character sheet and adventure log sheet at that page.

As soon as we have our DMs lined up, we’ll set up our player signups. We look forward to seeing you again. Until then, happy gaming!

— Rob

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  1. Great news, Rob! Amazing, after all the playtest packets over the last couple years the 5e starter set and basic rules are finally here (well, at least July 3rd/12th). The various online previews on WOTC and Enworld look interesting. Would be great to catch up with the ol’ Syndicate crew again!

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