The D&D Starter Set Game Day Is Here!

With Thanks to the Game Parlor in Chantilly, VA for the space.

I’ll post pictures from the event here.

A table run by @Slyflorish

A table run by @SlyFlourish

This is what the game board looks like for theater of the mind ….

Where are the Cheetoes (R)?

Where are the Cheetoes (R)?

Some have questioned why we do public game days rather than just play at home. How about this:

That's a lot of gamers.

That’s a lot of gamers.

That’s four tables-worth of friends, and that’s because 24 people is all we could fit. We’ll do this once per month at 3-4 different sites in the Washington, DC area and have a full house every time.

And then there’s Dinner with Gamers.

Dinner with Gamers. Yum. (The food, that is; not the gamers.)

Dinner with Gamers. Yum. (The food, that is; not the gamers.)

Thanks for playing, everyone!

X-Men: 4th Edition Style

Here’s something light.

I’m currently the DM for my Friday night game, and there are some diehard comic book nerds in that group. All of us love the X-Men movies, so I decided – as one of the non-comic readers in the group – to take to Wikipedia and learn as much as I could about the X-Men characters I know. My paragon encounters are built using a different system than what you’re used to seeing, so this isn’t exactly what my group faced, but the powers are the same. This is not an easy encounter at level 13, using powers more appropriate for mid-paragon NPCs, but it’s designed to be the set piece combat for your campaign’s chapter.

Professor X

I just had him attached to his chair, which moved with him whether the movement was voluntary or forced.


Don’t overdo it with his Spatial Awareness. He can’t stop himself from teleporting into solid matter if he screws up.


I found the toughest part to balance to be his regeneration.


Storm met a fairly horrible end in my game.


Keeping him alive is not an option.

For those of you who know more than I about the X-Men, your comments are appreciated.

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